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Your wedding is a day for celebrating the story of you and your partner, in front of the people you love. 

Your ceremony, the words that are shared, the poems that make you laugh and the readings that make you squeeze the hand of your loved one, should all be uniquely crafted to suit you.

I work closely with my couples to tease out their (shareable!) secrets and tell their story for them. Using my background in theatre creation and direction, TV production and scriptwriting, we will create a ceremony that will shine in the hearts and minds of your friends and family for years.


Let's create a ceremony to remember

Your wedding ceremony should reflect you and your story as a couple. It's an opportunity to show the world how much you mean to one another, and share the vows you will keep forever.

When you work with a celebrant, your ceremony can be held any time, any place. So whether you choose to celebrate under the stars, in a forest or at your favourite hideaway, your ceremony should reflect your whole day and the magic you want to create.

Something extra

Perhaps you've always wanted an extravaganza? Or to treat your guests to songs, theatrical moments or maybe even a surprise wedding! 

Maybe you're looking to involve your children in a special way, or would like to pay a loving tribute to someone who is no longer with you. 

It's my passion to help couples create these extra special moments in their ceremony, as it's these that will be cherished forever.

Getting to know you

I work closely with my couples to get past any cliches and to design something that speaks to who they truly are. 

The service I offer includes meeting with my couples, preferably in person, as many times as it takes (so that we get the perfect script).

Firstly we create an overview of what you'd like your ceremony to feel like and the tone you're looking for. We then work out a ceremony running order, what you'd like to include and why. And finally, my favourite part - getting to know you as a couple, and as the person your partner fell in love with. I then create a draft ceremony and we tweak, tweak, tweak until you're 100% happy. 





“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”

J.K. Rowling